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Sage Saddlery - Handmade & custom (made for you) western saddles, horse tack and cowboy gear. Specializing in the gear of the Old Californio vaquero and the more modern Great Basin Buckaroo traditions of horsemanship. Other custom leather items can be made to order also. Visit our new online store and find that perfect piece to add to your collection or commission exactly what you want made. Our Christmas Season Economic Stimulus Sale starts Nov. 1, 2010. Check out the store for selected 10% discounts on headstalls, martingales and other select items. Order now for delivery of your custom orders by Christmas.

Sage Horsemanship Clinics and Instruction - I am now only available for private help sessions and small group clinics locally. I am interested in teaching folks interested in the vaquero horsemanship traditions or learning about vaquero/ranch style horsemanship and roping. Contact me if you are close by and want to learn more about making a good horse or working cattle the traditional way - from horseback and with a rope.

Sage Horseshoeing - Limited availability for new clients. I specialize in "problem" horses and charge accordingly for my services. If interested in seeing if I can help you and you can afford me, give us a call. See link for contact info.

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Cowboy is a patient teacher of horses and teens - Pittsburgh Post-Gazette article

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Photo Galleries

Beginning Ranch Roping Clinic - a photo gallery of this fun day.

Beginning Ranch Roping Clinic at Horizon View Farms, Rockwood, PA - One day introductory clinic on July 30, 2011.

Intermediate Ranch Roping Clinic at Horizon View Farms, Rockwood, PA - A two day clinic working and roping live cattle on August 20 and 21, 2011.

Intermediate Ranch Roping Clinic - a photo gallery of an intermediate clinic held in '05.

Younger Days


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New articles added in the last few months:

\ "When You Do Tie A Horse" - by R. J. Sagely - Knots I use when I do tie horses with links to how they are tied.

"Making A Hand" - a story by G. M. Atwater about roping fever and the making of a buckaroo.

"Buckling on the Figure Eight Hobbles" - NEW ARTICLE


"Cowboy Knotical" - A look at a bunch of knots that every horseman ought to know. Join the site today to read it.

"The Fashionable Buckaroo" - See how to become a fashion plate "shadow rider" of the buckaroo persuasion with this knot-tying primer.
"How the Spade Bit Helps Develop a Bridle Horse" - On the road to collection in the spade, this is how I see the spade bit helping a horse learn the vertical flexion that is so important in eventually achieving a true collection through the whole horse. Join the site today to read it.
"The Hackamore Primer - A Pictorial About My Understanding of Some Gear of the Californio Traditions" An excerpt, join the site today to read the whole thing.
"Bosal-Hackamore-Jaquima-Bosalita What is the Difference? My Understanding of Some Gear of the Californio Traditions" An excerpt, join the site today to read the whole thing.
"The Californio Bridle Horse" - A picture from 1888 for the ages.
"How to Tie the Single Pass Alamar in a Get-down Rope for Leading a Bridle Horse" - Want a good looking, traditional knot to tie a non-slip noose in the lead rope for your bridle horse? Join the site today to read the whole thing.
"The Alamar Knot" - Some folks say it serves no real horsemanship purpose. The mystery and usefulness of this beautiful knot is revealed in this article. Join the site today to read more about it.
"How to Tie the Decorative Alamar in a Get-down Rope" - Learn how to tie the decorative form of the alamar knot. Join the site today to read the whole thing.
"The Tradition of the Slobber Straps" - I've heard different stories about this piece of gear and why it is used. Thought I'd put my own two cents down on the cyber page. Join the site today to read it.
"The Nightlatch" - What is it... A knot to hold your horse or a strap to hold you to your horse? You decide after reading this article. Join the site today to read it.
"What Could I Do?" - Some thoughts on thoughtfulness and what you maybe should do about what you could do. Join the site today to read it.
"Always and Never! No, Just Sometimes..." Some thoughts on what a horseman, ultimately, simply needs to do. Join the site today to read it.
"How Do I Use A Spade Bit?" - A short, non-technical treatment on my personal efforts to use a spade, or any, bit. Join the site today to read it.
"Standing Real Still" - Just a few thoughts, with pictures showing what I mean, about an often overlooked but very important deal for your horse... Join the site today to read more about it.
"The Bridle Horse of the Californio Tradition" - I have been asked on more than one occasion what it is that makes a true Californio style bridle horse different from what most folks think. It is not just a horse in a curb bit, the common misconception. This is just a little of what I think makes the distinction... Join the site today to read more about this resurgent, so old it is new again, style of horsemanship.
"Building the Charro Wade". See the finished Charro Wade with full specs on its construction.

by Bob Sagely - What you need to know about ranch roping in a series of articles that takes you from start to fancy catches to bedding 'em down and tying 'em for good keeping.
"How Many Ways Can You Catch A Cow?"

An article by Bob about old time roping skills! Catch the fever of catching a cow with vaquero style and Old Californio grace. A very thorough look at more than 4 dozen different ways to cast your twine on a bovine. Photos of shots, diagrams of positioning and very detailed descriptions of this reviving art of humane cattle handling on the end of the long rope or rawhide reata. If you think you know roping, check this out and see if you know this about catching cows. This article is in the subscription portion of the website. Join today to get access to this and the other great articles in the series written by Bob Sagely. Subscription required to view the whole article.

"Laying Down Cattle" - The second in the series and the logical next step to the "How Many Ways Can You Catch a Cow" article, this one is about what to do with them once you have one caught. One man, two man and three man routines for laying down cattle safely and humanely using the long rope traditions of the Old Californio vaqueros. Subscription required to view the whole article.

"Tying Down Cattle" - The third article in the trilogy will discuss ways to tie your horse off to hold the cow down yet keep your horse safe while he works to help you. The finishing piece to real cow work from horseback. Subscription required to view the whole article.


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